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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dan's Band (Feat Cash)

I couldn't believe my eyes when we came upon Dan's band and they had this awesome new colt... a dun Pinto! I also couldn't believe the mare did not take off. She let us observe her new foal for a short while while keeping a watchful eye on us. The mare is Splash. She has not had a foal since 2009 (Noble).

Here is his other side. This is so late for a a new foal. I hope he can survive the winter! He sure looks healthy and is keeping up with his band.

Dan seems proud of his new son. There is also an awesome satellite stallion, Spyder, that I forgot to take photos of as I was so excited about seeing the little guy.

We call the new colt Cash. The little black horse is Fury, who was born this summer. She is very curious about her new brother. I am sad to see her mom, Britta, looks thin. She is only three years old.

Dan has kept one of his three year old colts, Clay. He belongs to the other mare in this band, Luna. Fury looks so little next to her big brother!

Luna... she is not skinny. She will easily survive any winter nature throws at her. We wondered if maybe she is pregnant... hard to tell. I know one or both of these mares are part of The HSUS PZP study as I saw them darting them in 2010.


Here you can see how little Cash is. What a gorgeous wild foal!

As we drive away I think "good luck little guy."